Note To Myself

I know you felt it. I know you felt the shift. Something has happened over the last few weeks as you have begun paying more attention. Something has happened as you have begun to consider creation, really consider it. A shift has occurred and it might be best defined as a shift from fear to love.

Up until now, your motivation for wanting to care for the earth has come from the fear of the earth coming to the point of failure. Concern for the earth has come purely from a desire to save it. But that’s not love.

There is now a shift in motivation. You worry about the trees because God paused and gazed upon them and said, “this is good.”  You want to nourish the soil because it is amazing. You care about the migration patterns of birds because they are brilliant.

You don’t care about “creation care” because it is threatening your survival; you care because you’re falling in love.

P.S. The shift is not complete. Keep noticing, pausing, attending. Then what drives you will be heartbreak for the ruin of the loveliest things instead of self-preservation.




One thought on “Note To Myself

  1. You are right about the shift. I have found myself talking so much more about creation with anyone who will listen! I have also always loved taking pictures outside, but have enjoyed it more lately. I am so happy for this shift. Just when I think I’ve been a good caretaker, I learn how to do it better!


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